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A Guide to Edible Plant Families

A Guide to Edible Plant Families

Companion planting and crop rotation are very important techniques that can be used by home gardeners to prevent soil nutrient deficiencies as well as to prevent attacks on plants by pest and diseases. In order to implement these techniques however, gardeners need a good knowledge of plant families and that's where this book comes in. This book details the plant families of the most commonly grown edible plants as well as plants that are often integrated in edible plant beds, such as those that attract beneficial insects. Plant families of plants that are used as green manure crops are also included as these are frequently used when implementing crop rotation. This free ebook has all the information you need to know about plant families in order to help you maintain healthy soil and healthy plants. You can find it here. If you have an iPad or similar device, you can also find it in the iBookstore. For those with a nook, you can also download it from Barnes and Noble.

The taxonomic trees discussed in this book are available below as a free download. You may download the individual pictures (.jpg file format) by clicking on the picture you wish to download. If you would like to download a pdf version of these trees, please see the grey box.

Taxonomic tree for Monocots, Conifers and Ginkgos

Taxonomic tree for monocots, conifers and ginkgos

Taxonomic tree for Dicots

Taxonomic tree for dicots

Click here to download a pdf of the taxonomic trees. This can be loaded onto the same device as the 'A Guide to Edible Plant Families' eBook. If you wish to view this pdf on a personal computer (rather than an eReader for example) you will need Acrobat Reader to do so. Click here to download it.

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