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Radishes are probably less popular than they could be because most people have never tried truly fresh ones, having only ever tasted the supermarket variety. There is quite a wide variety to choose from including the Japanese radish or daikon.

Growing Radish

Sow the seeds where they are to grow. Perhaps interplanted with slower growing vegetables.

radish seedlings growing in a bucket

Harvesting Radishes

Harvest radishes between 6-8 weeks after germination.

Using Radishes

Radishes are usually eaten raw, particularly in salads (grated). Make sure they are fresh and crisp.

Radish Nutrition

Radishes are a good source of vitamin C and also contain glucosinolates and a number of other sulfur containing compounds that protect against cancer. They also contain small amounts of folate, fibre and potassium.

Storing Radishes

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